carder blackburn and french (back in the old days)

Hearing Chris Carder in Concert is an event not soon forgotten. 

Chris has played live in such places as: Atlanta, GA; Las Vegas, NV; Bangor, Maine; Tombstone, AZ; Jakarta and Manado, Indonesia; Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, Bolivia; Baton Rouge, LA; Boone, NC; Chattanooga, TN; Mountain Home, AR; Magee, MS; Louisville, KY; Denver, CO; Liberia, Africa; and more.  While playing around the world is a passion for Chris, he really enjoys doing shows in any venue - from the house concert, home worship meetings, small groups, intimate locations, clubs, rooms, halls, to the larger conferences, meetings, week long events, company or religious gatherings, churches, concert halls, and arena events (and everything else in between). 

Carder's Local
This husband and father has a great passion and desire to play out in the surrounding areas of his home base, Louisville, Ky.  Places ranging from the Nashville area to the South, St. Louis to the west, Columbus or lower Chicago to the north, and Lexington, Erie, Knoxville to the east.  If you live in the Louisville area - you can catch Chris leading worship with a full band two times a week.

Carder's Regular Tours
Chris also does regular tours which take him through Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Gainsboro, to Orlando (and many places in-between). He also has regular stops in Maine - particularly his beloved Down East Maine where he can be found at least once or twice a year doing shows and enjoying his friendships (old and new) along the coast. Chris travels to the old west and always loves doing shows in the Tombstone area (some photos should be on his site in the coming days from Tombstone and environs).  It's been a while ... but Chris has not forgotten his fondness for singing and being with the people of Western Pennsylvania.

World Touring
Chris Carder has a deep and life long passion for missions and missionaries.  He has played in Africa, Indonesia, Bolivia, South and Central America, Eastern Europe, and more.  Yearly Chris tries to make certain that he's booked on some mission field (or in supporting missionaries in some way).  This past year his trip to his beloved Cochabamba, Bolivia did not work out as planned - he hopes to be able to visit his friends, support the people, and bring his musical gifts and talents to share there as soon as possible.  But, then again - his heart and passion for his friends around the world often have Chris longing for times of music, worship, and singing out in the fields ripe for harvest.

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